About Winees

Bring you the most cost-effective Home Security Solutions
We bring back the peace of mind!

We hold a belief that home security is of great practical and emotional significance to people’s lives. An unexpected break-in could not only result in the loss of valuable items but the loss of something more important while easily be ignored, the peace of mind of a victim. The feeling of insecurity, fear, anger could fall on a victim after a burglary occurred.

That’s not what we could bear to see. We want to provide people with a no-fuss and cost-effective home security solution, bringing back peace of mind.

That's what makes us stand out!

We focus on enhancing the accuracy of the commonly seen security devices, such as motion sensors, IPC camera, and home appliances, making them immune to false triggers, and aim to weave an extensible network that integrates these together. To support this, we’re independently developing our own APP and cloud service, in a bid to provide a stable yet affordable smart home experience.