Winees Home Security Mini Camera with Motion Detection, Audio, Night Vision for Human/Pet, Works with Alexa

SKU: WP01002-NA-W

For a price of Pizza, Winees Smart Home Camera Mini is a great choice for your first security home camera. It gives you more insight into your home. Elegant design, support multiple Installation where it can be installed anywhere at home. Add peace of mind for your little ones and pets while you’re not at home.

  • AI recognition human or pet
  • True 1080p image quality
  • IR night vision up to 5m
  • 2-Way Audio allows you to talk through the camera or issue a warning.
  • Support up to 64GB microSD card
  • Camera support table stand/wall mount with Screw or 3M adhesive tape

🔥Enjoy Free Premium Cloud Service for 6 Months!

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Enjoy Free Cloud Service
for 6 Months

Free Premium Cloud service

Motion and Sound Detection

24h Motion / Live stream

Cloud Video History up to 30 days

Person/Pet Detection

Rich Notification

Active Zone Mode

Event Record and Playback

Chipsets CPU Sigmastar SSC337DE
Sensor Galaxycore GC4653
Wi-Fi Realtek RTL8192FC
Image Sensor Image Sensor 1/3“ Color CMOS
Display Resolution 2K(2560*1440Pixels)
Lens Viewing Angle DFOV 135°
Night Vision IR Night Vision 10meters by IR Illumination, 850 nm
White Light Night Vision 400lm, 5000K
Video Image Compression H.265/H.264
Audio Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB,

Sound pick-up range: max.3meters

Speaker 90dB SPL @10cm
PIR Viewing Angle 110°
Detection Range 7meters
Rotation Pan 270°
SD Card Type Micro SD Card
Maximum 128GB
Network Wireless 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Power Adapter Input 100V-240VAC, output 12V/1A
Power Consumption <10W
Environment Working Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C
Working Humidity 20% ~ 85% Non-condensing
Certification FCC, CE, Work with Alexa

FAQ - Camera Mini

1, Alexa cannot discover or connect to the cam.
1) Ensure that the camera is connected to WiFi by checking if you can load a live stream view of the camera in your app.
2) Ensure that you authorized the correct AiDot account to your Amazon Alexa account.
3) Make sure the “AiDot” skill has been enabled in your Amazon Alexa app.
4) Make sure your Amazon Alexa is working normally.
5) Try to remove the devices from the app, reset the devices, re-add and re-discover on Alexa.

2, The camera isn't responding to a Google Assistant voice command.
1) If you have changed your account password, try re-enabling the skill in the Google Home app. Ensure that the camera is turned on.
2) The camera needs to be turned on before giving a voice command to Google. To turn on the camera, open the app, click on the camera‘s live stream, and tap "More" to turn it on. Ensure that your camera is connected to a Google device.
3) You can check to see if your camera is connected to your Smart Home tab in the Google Home app.

3, How to change the wifi details?
1) Because your wifi data is sent via the QR code during setup, you will need to repeat the setup process to change your wifi details.
2) In the app, tap the plus + sign in the upper right, then select Devices. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your camera again.
3) Additional Note: You do not need to delete the camera from the app. Repeating the setup process will override the previous wifi setup. Other camera settings will be retained.

4, How to reconfigure wifi?
1) Tap the cam and click on the cam's Setting icon on the top right corner
2) Go to "More Settings"
3) Scroll to the bottom and tap "Reconfigure Wi-Fi"

Camera Settings
1, What can I do with the microSD card in my camera?
After installing the SD card, please enter the camera settings on the app, find the SD card, and make sure that the SD card has been correctly identified. Then you can do the following:
1) In SD card settings,you can set the storage mode
2) You can check the remaining capacity of the SD card
3) You can see the recording
4) You can format the SD card

2, Is the cam compatible with larger SD cards?
1) We recommend that you use an SD card with a capacity of 256G or less.
2) Because some SD cards may have compatibility issues, we recommend using SD cards of the following brands,such as Micro, SanDisk, Kingston, SAMSUNG, Transcend, Lexar, TOSHIBA.

3, How to format your micro SD card?
1) If you are running into an issue with your microSD card, reformatting the card can help. It can erase corrupted data that is preventing proper use of the microSD card and resets the card. Be aware that this will erase all of the existing contents of the microSD card, so be sure to back up your files if there are any you want to save.
2) Format with the app: Tap into your camera's Live Stream and select the Setting icon on the top right. Then go to “SD Card Recording", select "Format SD Card".
3) When the app prompts that the formatting is complete, try to enter the setting page again. If the capacity can be displayed normally, it means it is available.

4, Is there a connection between SD card playback and cloud playback?
1) SD card playback and cloud playback are independent.
2) When there is an SD card, the SD card event recording is enabled by default, and you can view the content recorded on the SD card page.
3) You can also switch to the Continues Recording mode to do continuous recording, and the SD card will automatically enter the loop recording mode.
4) Cloud recording will only be recorded and saved in the cloud when an event is triggered.

5, Does cam support HomeKit or HomeKit Secure Video?
Not yet, we're considering it.

6, Does the cam support RTSP?
Currently, the cam doesn't support RTSP. We are considering this for the future.

7, What does Infra-Red light mean?
1) In the case of insufficient light, the camera will automatically determine and turn on the IR for fill light to ensure that the picture is clearly visible.
2) The distance of IR fill light is limited, generally within 3 meters. Specific product specifications may vary.

8, Can the cam record events continuously?
1) SD card supports continuous recording, but cloud recording is only 15 seconds.
2) If your placement scene causes high-frequency triggers, we will intelligently reduce the trigger frequency to avoid causing interference to you.
3) When there is continuous motion, the camera will only capture one 15-second event video every 3 minutes.

9, Can I use my cam outdoors?

10, Can I use cam without WiFi?
1) Yes, but only after setting it up first. Cam is meant to work with an internet connection, which allows you to view the Live Stream, get notifications, and change your camera settings in the app. You must have an internet connection to set up the camera and configure it with the app. And if you have a microSD card inserted and local recording to the microSD card turned on in your settings, the camera will continuously record to that microSD card, even if offline.
2) When your cam is offline, you will not be able to connect to the camera via the app to view the live stream video or change any of the camera settings. The camera also will not save any alert videos to the cloud, so none of the motion or sound detection features will work.

11, How to reset your cam?
A factory reset deletes the settings file on the camera and rolls it back to the default settings. It can also be performed as a troubleshooting step for restoring a How to power cycle
1) If you have a microSD card inserted, remove it.
2) With the cam plugged into power, press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds. This will reset the camera.
3) Wait about 1 to 2 minutes, and then reset the device according to the voice prompt.
4) The device is now ready to be set up again.

12, What happens when I reset the cam?
1) After resetting the device, cloud services, and recording will not be lost.
2) After adding the device again, you can continue to use and view the previous cloud records.
3) If you need to delete the cloud record, you can find the cloud record on the live page, and then click "Edit" to delete the record.
4) If you need to delete SD card records, you can find "SD Card Settings" on the device settings page and select "Format SD Card".
5) If you want to give the device to someone else, please remove the SD card, and then delete the device from the APP.
6) If you no longer need to use cloud services, you can tap "More" and go to "Our Service" to cancel your subscription.

13, Does the cam support local storage?
Yes, you can install a microSD card.

14, If the cam pan is moving, but not as you would expect.
Reboot the cam pan:
1) Open the Live Stream for the camera in question
2) Open the camera's Setting icon on the top right corner and select "More Settings"
3) Tap "Reboot Device"
4) The camera will take a moment to reboot. After it is finished, go back to the Live Stream and see if the motor controls work as expected
5) If there is a network problem, the cam will be no response to the operation or delay. After the network is restored, device control will return to normal.

15, How to power cycle the camera?
1) Power Cycling generally refers to fully powering an electronic device off, usually disconnecting it from any source of power. This is a useful troubleshooting tool because it helps reset the device and its connections. This can help solve many troubleshooting issues.
2) To do this, follow these steps: 1. Unplug the camera from its power source. This can be done either on the wall or the camera side. 2. Allow 5-10 seconds to pass for the camera to completely discharge. 3. Plug the camera back into the power source and allow it to reinitialize.

16, How to trigger devices with cams?
1) The cam can be triggered after installing security kit and setting placement rules or automation rules.
2) We will provide security kit in the future.

17, How to turn off my cam?
1) Find the camera on the home page, and tap the More icon on the lower right corner. Choose "Standby".
2) Additional note: If you choose "Standby", the camera detection will be turned off and stop all recordings.

18, The camera shows offline.
Presents as: There is a cloud symbol with a line through it beside your camera; unable to access the live stream; unable to change any settings.
1) Try power cycling your camera by unplugging for about 30 seconds and plugging it back in.
2) Reboot your router.
3) Try a factory reset, and attempt to set up as a new device:
Remove the SD card if there is one inserted. Hold down the setup button until the status light turns solid red. Once the status light begins flashing red, you may attempt to set up again.

19, Does my cam need to be set back up after being moved?
If you unplug your camera then plug it in again in the same WiFi environment, your camera will automatically reconnect to the WiFi network. You do not need to re-enter the WiFi information again. It may take a minute or two for your camera to initialize and get connected to the network.

20, Understanding your cam status light.
1) Solid red light: Power on / System Booting / Factory Reset
2) Flashing red light: Wireless Connection / Cloud Connecting Fail
3) Flashing red & blue light (normal speed:1s On, 1s Off) : Wireless Connecting
4) Flashing red & blue light (low speed:0.5s On, 0.5s Off) : Wireless Connection Fail
5) Flashing green light: System Ready for WiFi Setup / Firmware Update
6) Solid green light: Wireless Connected / Normal Operation

21, Night vision images are too dark.
1) The distance of IR fill light is generally within 3 meters.
2) If you monitor the environment and objects 3 meters away, the picture will be less clear. So you can adjust the position and angle of the camera to move closer to the monitored area.

22, What will happen if there’s a power outage for cameras?
Cameras will be shut down directly in the event of a power outage, and will automatically power on when the power is restored. At the same time, cameras will be unable to detect motions and record events.

23, What storage and recording methods are supported by cams?
Cams support micro SD card local storage, cloud storage with clip recording. With microSD cards, the camera can record offline.

24, No sound when I tap into the live stream.
1) Please turn on the small speaker on the live stream screen.
2) By default, it is muted when entering the live stream.

25, What is the difference between SD and HD?
1) Because the video file sizes are smaller, the speed requirements are lower, and switching to SD may help with connectivity issues. This is very helpful if you have a bad mobile data connection and you want to check a Live Steam of the cam.
2) If you want higher quality footage and don't mind taking up more memory, then HD will work well.

26, Can I zoom the screen when watching the live stream?
Yea. Use the two-finger pinch motion to zoom of your Live Stream.

27, How to record a video?
1) Record a video of the stream directly from the Live Stream screen. Tap "Record" to start recording and the red icon to finish recording. Recorded videos are saved to your device's photo gallery and can be viewed, sent, or shared from there or through the Album in the app.
2) The shortest video recording time is 3 seconds and the longest is 6 minutes.

28, How to take photos of the live stream?
Take a photo of the stream from the Live Stream screen. Tap "Snap" to take a photo. Photos are saved to your device's photo gallery and can be viewed, sent, or shared from there or through the Album in the app.

29, How to turn on two-way audio?
1) In the app, tap on the cam
2) Tap and hold the "Speak" when you want to speak
3) You can now speak through your cam. To stop speaking and restore audio from the camera, release the "Speak"
4) Please turn on the small speaker on the live stream screen before speaking

30, How to name your cam?
1) Find the camera on the home page, and and tap the More icon on the lower right corner. Choose "Settings".
2) Tap "More Settings" and tap the pencil icon to name your cam.

31, How to prevent detection misfires?
1) Position your cam effectively. Make sure it is upright with a clear view of the target area.
2) Check the camera's surroundings. Detection targets on TV, reflections in mirrors, photographs, even statues can be detected.
3) Keep the target area well-lit. Low light conditions can decrease the effective range of detection.
4) Remove obstacles in front of the camera. Don't place it behind a window or screen. Reflections on the glass, or any mesh-like material, can confuse the algorithm.

32, Motion Settings.
1) The cam can detect motion by AI algorithm. AI algorithm was trained to handle a variety of environments, lighting conditions, camera angles, and camera mounting positions. You can choose to detect human, vehicle, animal, package on Detection Mode.
2) The sensitivity you have Motion Settings set to determine whether a big movement (low sensitivity) or a small movement (high sensitivity) is needed to trigger an alert.
3) To change the Sensitivity setting: 1. In the app, tap your cam. 2. Tap the gear icon on the top right, then go to Motion Settings. 3. Tap "Sensitivity".

1, Does the cam have a battery?
No, the cam is powered via a USB cable. It is not wireless and it has no replaceable battery.

2, How much power does the cam use
The cam doesn't have a battery, so it will need to be plugged into an external power source. The cam uses 5V 1A DC power through a micro USB port.

App Settings
1, How do I turn on Color Night Vision?
The M219 camera only supports black and white night vision mode and will start in automatic night vision mode.

2, What can a shared user do?
1) View the live stream and event videos
2) Record a live stream
3) Turn on and off notifications
4) Move cam pan devices
5) Use the sound, speak, and take photo tools
6) View the device info
7) Rename a device shared with them
8) View microSD card footage

3, What can't a shared user do?
1) Create rules, schedules and automation
2) Enable and disable motion tracking
3) Turn on and off the device
4) Remove the device from their app
5) Shared users share a device shared with them
6) Change the detection settings or alarm settings

4, How to schedule with my cam?
We are considering this for the future.

5, Motion detection setting.
1) Tap the camera you want to set up
2) Tap the Gear icon on the top right and choose "Motion Settings"
3) Tap "Detection Mode" and you can choose the mode you want

6, To set up a detection zone.
We are considering this for the future.

7, Can I watch remote videos when I am not at home?
Yes. The App helps you keep an eye on things and stay connected to your products anywhere you have an internet connection. For instance, with the App, you can get instant notifications when someone drops by you. Taping the notification, you will see the Live View or History events on your mobile phone.

8, Poor image quality.
If your cam is blurry, grainy, or isn't showing the way you expect it to, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to see if it will fix it.
If you have a partially tinted image:
1) Enter the Live Stream for the camera and allow it to completely connect.
2) Confirm that your firmware is up-to-date by going to the camera settings.

1, Can I view the cam live stream on a computer?
No, only via the app. There is no web interface or desktop app for cam. The camera can only be used with the app on a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). The Live Stream can also be viewed on any Amazon Echo device with a screen. Viewing the cam Live Stream on a computer is a feature that's under discussion internally, though the app does not promise to implement it at this time.

2, Is the cam waterproof?

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 12.6 × 10.3 × 8.3 cm